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This is the North Hertfordshire museum blog. Find out more about the museum here

The ground floor is currently open to the public Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30 to 4.30; access is through the front door of Hitchin Town Hall. There may be times when the platform lift for wheelchair users is not available, so if you may need to use it, please ring ahead to check on 01462 474554 or email us.

There are free guided tours of the upstairs gallery available: Monday 2pm, Friday 5pm and Saturday 11am.

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This blog will soon be updated with a brand new look. Watch this space!

4 Responses to Museum Latest News

  • Joe Montgomery says:

    Hello, I am going to be carrying out a geology project this summer, I would like, if possible, to come and look at any natural science collection you may have, and in particular any fossils from the local cretaceous chalk beds around Hitchin and Stevenage.

    Do you think you will be open for summer?

    Many thanks!

    • Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews says:

      Hello Joe. Yes, we ought to be open by next summer, with some fossils on display. There is also a much larger collection in our museum stores, which you are welcome to come and see by appointment. If you email to arrange a time for you to visit, someone will be able to show you what we have.

  • Colin Davis says:

    Great article on Icknield Way Keith, it compliments Tony Robinson’s recent TV walking documentary on same subject. I’ve walked various sections using the Icknield Way Association’s guide which includes contributions from James Dyer and John Moss-Eccardt. If possible I’d appreciate a copy of the text of the article as a .doc or .pdf Regards.

    • Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews says:

      Hello Colin. If you scroll to the bottom of the post, you’ll see that I’ve added a button that allows you to download it as a PDF. That was a very helpful suggestion and I will make sure that we do this for this sort of post in future.

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