North Herts Museum update – HLF visit

16 September 2015 2 By Ros Allwood

Showing Deborah Milligan from HLF our lovely new showcases

Our new Heritage Lottery Fund officer, Deborah Milligan, came over to Hitchin yesterday to see the new museum. She was amazed by the size of the whole site, and really impressed by the Mather & Co. designs for the museum. She also praised the way that the architects Buttress have blended the old and the new buildings together. It is thanks to the generous HLF grant that the museum has been able to afford top-of-the-range showcases, and we’re really grateful. Alan and Ian from Armour Systems have almost finished installing the showcases in the main first floor gallery, and once the external cladding is fitted, we’ll be able to start moving objects over from the old museums. Many of the pieces on display require purpose-made mounts, so these will be produced next; the mount-maker Roy Mandeville is coming over for the first time this Thursday. Meanwhile all our hundreds of carefully-written labels  – each one no more than 30 well-chosen words – have been sent to local societies for fact-checking, then sent to the the graphic designer, back to us for proof-reading or occasional re-writing, back to James the designer, back to us for re-proofing, and at last are ready for production.

The old and the new; the wall of the old Workman's Hall is now inside the new building

The old and the new; the outside wall of the old Workman’s Hall is now inside the new building